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October 2, 2012
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Wolf Anatomy - Part 1 by Autlaw Wolf Anatomy - Part 1 by Autlaw

I promised to do a couple of studies of the wolf. As I know there are many canine artists on deviantart and back on my old account people asked me for a tutorial on how to draw their anatomy properly. So here it is (:

It ain't perfect, but I tried to put all my knowledge about their anatomy in it and tried to gather as much information as I could. Yet I wanted to keep it simple, no difficult terms etc. (;

I wanted to submit a large sheet containing everything but it would look unorganized. So I split the sheet up in 3 parts. This one is about:

* skull
* skeleton
* muscle structure
* body silhouette

If there are any mistakes in the spelling, note me and I will change it (I still am not a star in English xD )

:bulletblack: These sketch and study sheets are just the way I have learned to draw wolves. They are just guidelines, of course you don't have to draw them this way. Draw them as you like and use these as anatomical guidelines to help you understand their movement and shapes (; !

:bulletblack: I do not own any of the reference pictures I used for drawing these, they are just studies for improvement and to help others out (;

Part 2: Wolf Anatomy - Part 2 by Autlaw
Part 3: Wolf Anatomy - Part 3 by Autlaw
Part 4: Wolf Anatomy - Part 4 by Autlaw

(c) Autlaw
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ElbonNoble Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is great! I've been searching for wolves anatomy and I like yours the best :D
You make it easy to understand, and the box things REALLY help.
I might know how to draw them a little, but it'd never hurt to try and improve.
Thank you for making this, i shall be studying this, see how far i go, and then compare! ^^
Autlaw Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem ! : D I wish you a lot of success and fun with drawing <3 !!
Thank you very much! Hmm, i seem to be a little confused with the muzzle, and how big it should be, before,  i would usually draw it from near half of the head at the start, then end at the end of the circle, but i think it needs to be bigger. I'm a little confused x3
Autlaw Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I usually divide the head and muzzle in two even parts at the forehead/halfway the eye socket when I don't start with a drawing of the skull. I think the first sketch of the skull with "Side view" written above it explains it the best when it comes to that (; Though when you look at the skull without hair and skin, the muzzle starts at the little dent halfway the lower jaw. It confused me as well in the beginning x3
Ah, i would usually draw the muzzle, and the eye after, it also looks as if the muzzle is slightly bigger then i thought it was, and i tend to draw the head a little too big o3o; thank you for the advice! It will certainly help me. I will definately be practicing the eye placement, head size and muzzle for now :3 thankies
Autlaw Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem dear ! c: Have fun with all your future drawings  <3 !
Thank you so very much! ^^ may i ask about fur and ears? The ears i do seem to be rather straight even if i do them curved, or look out of shape, so sorry if i am bothering you ^^;
Autlaw Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no problem c: I can explain,

It's hard for me to explain in words so I drew a little guide instead xD you can find it in the link here:

A wolf's ears are actually not standing up straight that much, at least not like the ears of a German Shepherd or a Husky do :…
And a wolf's ears are not that pointy, they are more rounded at the tips like I showed in the first link (: I actually think of them of thick furred, rounded almost cat-like ears when it comes to the shape (; blog.georgianbaypetphotography…

Try to compare them a bit, you'll notice ^^ 
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I love your guidelines of wolf anatomy! they are a big help for me 😄
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